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en-998 bright high speed electroless nickel plating process

product model


name:en-998 bright high speed electroless nickel plating process

product features

1.mid phosphorous containing deposits, showing specular reflectivity similar to barrel bright nickel plating.

2.exhibits higher deposition rate than conventional processes, which is up to 17-23um/h.

3.stable and long bath life up to 6-10 otc, the deposition rate still keeps above 18um/h after 8 otc and shows mirror brightness deposits.

4.exhibits the higher hardness up to above1000hv after heat treatment. it is usable replacement for hard chromium, and comprehensive used in mould plating. it shows better thickness distribution than chromium plating, and is adapted for complex and dimensioned products. 

5.exhibits excellent physical performance, low stress, high ductility on 180°bending which meets american military standard.

6.highly tolerant to metal impurities, simple operation, adapted for barrel and rack plating.

usage method

usage:make-up: en-998a: 60ml/l, en-998b: 150ml/l.

consumption: replenish 8ml en-998a and equivalent en-998c after every 10um thick deposits on 1dm2 substrate.

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