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ekem is a global professional developer of surface finishing chemicals and a high and new technology enterprise. ekem believes that being “suitable” is the key. how much achievement one can make depends on what kind of person he or she is. the ideological, professional ethnics, psychological and professional quality of employees are of key importance to their achievements. to be more specific, ekem requires employees to have the following basic qualities:

(1) confidence and love of challenge: be able to work independently and professionally. not only be able to finish the assigned tasks but also have the courage to undertake any consequences. be determined for what you are going to do and stick it out once you have started regardless of whatever it may take.

(2) responsibility and conscientiousness: you shall work conscientiously, be dedicated to excellence, and constantly conduct self-review. be responsible and thoughtful for your workmates. take preventative measures for predictable consequences. be able to simulate scenarios and be able to put yourself in other’s shoes.

(3) diligence and dedication: be dedicated to your job, diligent and hardworking.

(4) honesty and sincerity: be candid and honest with others. stick to your word and put it into practice. be loyal to your company, your job, your family, your friends and your belief. never conceal anything from your inferiors, your superiors or your clients.

with a view to achieve diversification and collectivization of our enterprise, ekem opens warm arms to talents of all fields. at ekem you will expect:

(1) not just a paid job but more importantly your career. our company provides our employees with a platform where you can make full use of your talents, opportunities and challenges, and a warm and harmonious working environment to achieve your personal ambition while you strive to achieve the company’s objective: to cooperate with mutually help and love the company.

(2) good learning and training mechanism for self-improvement help you grow with the company and you will feel proud of the company.

(3) fairness, challenging salary, and good welfares.

(4) respect to your endeavor and results and care for you.

development platform:the talent strategy adopted by ekem focuses on the self-realization and satisfaction of employees.

ekem applies an aptitude test in recruitment and focuses on the long-term development planning for employees. in the process of rapid development, ekem, as a high-tech electroplating chemical industry with great potential, provides a platform for employees to show their talents, opportunities and comfortable working environment. employees are fulfilling their own ambitions when they are striving for achievement of the objective of the company. the company attaches importance to the team building and develop good learning and training mechanism for the growth of both the company and the employees. the company pays attention to echelon building and the establishment of a rapid promotion system, ensuring the realization of employees’ value in the shortest time possible.

in such a big and warm-hearted family, ekem’s employees are constantly demonstrating the spirit of challenging, innovation, high efficiency and the professional attitude of gratitude, loyalty, and dedication.

welfare:ekem has established a faire and tempting salary system; it promotes a reward system for innovation to encourage employees. employees can enjoy welfares such as birthday gifts, travels, and housing benefit. the company cares and respects talents by supporting their work and caring their life. in addition, the company holds many kinds of recreational activities to enrich employees’ life.  

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