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as a green high-tech chemical group enterprise, ekem has a history of 20 years in professional chemicals production, with its marketing headquarter located in the prosperous commercial center near xiamen railway station and its r&d production center located in xingtai economic development zone, changtai,zhangzhou, which is  just 20 minutes’ drive from xiamen. its r & d production center covers an area of 18408.81 square meters, including 10682.01 square meters of floorage. the floorage of r & d comprehensive building reaches 5311 square meters. more than 80 percent employees hold college degrees. as a high-tech enterprise, ekem has strong background in r & d, holding a series of patents and intellectual properties especially those with advanced cleaner production techniques, and undertaking a number of municipal, provincial, national scientific and technological innovation projects.currently ekem has established four business division and 10 branches in china. the surface finishing chemical division of ekem has developed world-leading alkaline cyanide-free zinc plating technology and trivalent chromating nano-sealer passivation technology. ekem’s success of high-tech & self-owned brand strategy not only has changed the situation that the high-end eletroplating technology and additives products in china rely heavily on overseas for many years, but also exports products to eu market in advance, resulting in chinese electroplating enterprises going into the eu market. the metals & metal chemicals division is one of the most professional suppliers for the zinc plating anode. with class a chemical production certification (ethoxylation, sulfonation), the chemical auxiliaries division can provide not only the key core raw materials for the surface treatment filed, i.e. the electroplating intermediates, but also a series of high quality surfactants and specialty chemicals for many fields.  the energy chemical division is being set up.

ekem’s marketing network covers all the economically advanced regions throughout china and lots of distributors are selling ekem’s products. in the international market, ekem’s business covers countries in europe, america and asia. 

ekem insists sustainable development strategy, and regards the talent strategy as the company's primary strategy. we show a new cooperative relationship between company and employees, our company provides a platform for employees to show their talents, opportunities and comfortable working environment. employees are fulfilling their own ambitions when they are striving for achievement of the objective of the company. 

with strong r & d capacity, ekem is devoted to building a leading industry standard together with terminal customers.


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