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ekem’s vision: creating green plating technology of international standard; leading the national electroplating technology in the world.

ekem’s mission: focusing on technical innovation; constantly produces new and excellent electroplating products; taking as its own responsibility eliminating electroplating pollution;  building a better home for mankind.

ekem’s spirit: accepting challenges; innovation; teamwork

ekem’s attitude : gratitude, loyalty, professionalism, responsibility.

ekem’s management tenet: enhance quality, reduce cost, professional service, reputation first.

ekem’s principles: satisfaction of customers, staff, company and society. 

ekem strives for a brighter future by sticking to sustainable development based on “ambition and integrity”, and establishes the four principles of satisfaction. 

satisfaction of customers: ekem established the core values of “customer-centric” since its founding. it satisfies customers to the maximum extent from all the aspects of decision-making, technology, products, and management.

employees satisfaction: only when the employees satisfied, we may satisfy customers. the talent strategy adopted by ekem focuses on the self-realization and satisfaction of employees.

satisfaction of company: ekem creates more benefits for shareholders and invest continuously to ensure the company’s expansion and development, thus bringing a brighter future.

satisfaction of the society: ekem focuses on environmental protection and clean production. at the same time, it devotes itself to transform its leading technology and development resources to produce better and faster social value and promote the progress of the industry and society. 

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