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dw-50 stanalloy white

product model


name:dw-50 stanalloy white

product features

1.exhibits good leveling power coupled with high brightness up to mirror bright.

2.exhibits perfect metal distribution, excellent throwing and covering power. both front and back side of panel (1a/5min) are plated completely by means of hull tests. 

3.it is an advanced scientific formula and newly chelating system with wide composition range. especially free cyanide and hydroxide do not influence the color and composition of deposits, no need to control them except for normal addition. the operation is simple.

4.wider current range within 0.1-5a/dm2. while the conventional process is within 0.5-3a/dm2, or the deposits is easy to turn yellow and red.

5.lower operating temperature from 42℃ upward, little cyanide decompositions and stable electrolyte. while the conventional process may cause uneven deposits from 58℃ downward.

6.easy to accept gold, gold-like, silver, rhodium, tin and chrome-like deposits, which possess strong anti-tarnishing ability, and still keep good deposits after electrocoating under high temperature(150-160℃)

usage method

make-up: dw50m make-up 100-200ml/l.

consumption: dw-50r1 brightener 200ml/100ah, dw-50r2 brightener 200ml/100ah, dw-50m make-up replenishment: depending on drag-out losses. 

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