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821 chrome-like tin-cobalt plating process

product model


name:821 chrome-like tin-cobalt plating process

product features

1.exhibits excellent covering power. so it is especially good for complex working pieces with deep hole and recesses for both rack and barrel plating.

2.produces chrome-like color, which is adjustable to hexavalent blue chrome color and trivalent chrome stainless steel color.

3.exhibits excellent throwing power, uniform color. it is especially good for high volume workpieces plating.

4.the electrolyte is stable, produces little decomposition, do not cause precipitation after long-time use. 

5.the deposit is not sensitive for finger prints avoiding problems occurring in conventional chrome-like tin-cobalt plating process.

6.scientific formula, uniform consumption, the electrolyte is control by normal replenishment or analysis, so professional or even everyman can use it.

7.exhibits low stress, which is especially good for plating on plastics.

8.exhibits high current efficiency up to 92-98%, and usable current dozen times lower than chrome plating, thus lower power investment, save energy and reduce costs.

9.usable replacement for cr (ⅵ) avoiding cr (ⅵ) contamination, environmentally friendly and good for exported orders.

10.the solution is stable and easy to adjust, only need for replenishment, no need to exchange.

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