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402 dip solution for plating on aluminum

product model


name:402 dip solution for plating on aluminum

product features

1.produces compact 4-element alloy layer compared with conventional zincating process, then improve the adhesion to subsequent deposits greatly and avoid peeling and blisters in the deposits.

2.highly concentrated and low viscosity. save costs and reduce cleaning under the following procedures.

3.it’s possible to cancel second-time zincating in most cases, thus reduces process time and costs.

4.no need to pre-plate prior to copper plating, nickel plating, chrome plating, tin plating and other further plating. especially improve the adhesion to electroless nickel deposits.

5.simple process flow, reduced process time and workload.

6.lower costs than by conventional processes. 

usage method

make-up: 50% 402 dip solution (by volume).

consumption: 1 l solution is to process 10 square meter surface by 30 seconds.

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