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br black chromium plating process

product model


name:br black chromium plating process

product features

1.produces an attractive appearance and shows excellent corrosion 

resistance. it is adapted for decorative plating.

2.excellent heat-resistant, can be adapted for heat-resistant products.

3.reduces reflectivity by 95% in comparison with white chromium plating. it is 

adapted for optical industry.

4.can be direct plating on steel, copper, nickel, stainless steel, chrome basis 

and aluminum which need to be alumseal 402 zincating prior to plating. by oil, soak, or clear paint can improve the brightness and 

protect the deposits. 

usage method

make-up: br-76 blackener 30-42ml/l, br-77 accelerator 4-12ml/l.

consumption: add 3-6ml/l br-76 blackener when the deposits is not black enough or blue-brownish in hcd, add 1-2ml br-77 accelerator when covering power is poor.

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