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kr bright decorative chromium plating process

product model


name:kr bright decorative chromium plating process

product features

1.excellent covering power, the hull cell panel shows 8.5cm deposits.

2.contains no rare earth elements, produces stable electrolyte, wide operating range, so it is easy to control.

3.can be used under low temperature and low current density, thus saves costs.

4.exhibits high cathode efficiency and deposition rate, thereby saving plating time.

5.avoids being burnt under high current density.

6.produces microcracks in the deposits to improve corrosion resistance.

7.a newly catalyst, which is easy to activate passivated nickel and improve adhesion. 

usage method

usage:make-up: kr-a 6-16ml/l, kr-b 10-25 ml/l.

consumption: replenishment in chromic acid/kr-b ratio of 15:1, no need to replenish kr-a in general.

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