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krh-6 bright high efficiency etch-free hard chromium plating process

product model


name:krh-6 bright high efficiency etch-free hard chromium plating process

product features

1.high cathode efficiency (up to 22-27%) and keep steady after using for a long-term, while conventional process is only 11-15%.the deposition rate turns fast due to higher cathode efficiency, thus saves energy.

2.contains no fluorides and other halogens. no attack on basis materials and anode. therefore no burrs are born on the work pieces and no more impurities are generated from electrolyte. the tank life is extended accordingly. the conventional processes containing rare earth elements can attack on anode.

3.produces the high hardness value of 900-1100hv, which is 100hv higher than conventional processes under the same conditions.

4.the deposits show microracks (up to 400-1000 pieces in a centimeter) to disperse corrosion current and absorb oils, while conventional processes produce little microcracks. the corrosion resistance and wear resistance is higher due to more microracks.

5.excellent covering power. at the same condition, the hull cell panel (8a/3min) has 6.5cm deposits, while the conventional processes show only 5cm.

6.exhibits excellent throwing power, perfect deposits distribution, and thus reduce subsequent grinding.

7.produces smooth, uniform and high brightness deposits without roughness, while conventional processes exhibit common brightness. it can get mirror brightness similar to bright nickel subsequently chrome plating in smooth axletrees.

8.the production cost is lower than conventional hard chrome plating.

9.a wide range of current is allowed, so the bigger current can be utilized. the deposition rate is 2-3 times as high as conventional processes, thus saves production time and equipment costs.

usage method

usage:make-up: krh-6a make-up 15-25ml/l。

consumption: krh-6b replenishment 6-8 ml/kah, or replenish 36-48 ml krh-6b as adding 1kg chromic acid.

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