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799 iron impurity remover for nickel bath

product model


name:799 iron impurity remover for nickel bath

product features

1.nicklpure 799 can chelate with fe (ⅲ) to form a dissolvable compound, thereby avoiding ferric hydroxide precipitation. it can also reduce fe (ⅲ) to fe (ⅱ), which can be codeposited with nickel.

2.nicklpure 799 do not influence leveling power, brightness, ductility, corrosion resistance and etc.

3.exhibits low consumption, mainly caused by drag-out losses.

4.nicklpure 799 can be directly added into single nickel and multi-layer nickel plating baths and the production is uninfluenced. 

usage method

addition: 5-10ml/l in general, adjustable in a wide range depending on iron impurities in electrolyte.

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