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s pearl bright nickel plating process

product model

name:s pearl bright nickel plating process

product features

1.highly stable, the bath life is longer than conventional products.

2.the concentration is 2 times as high as conventional products.

3.exhibits faster satin deposition than conventional products.

4.the appearance, color, fineness are easy to adjust to requirement for customers. different satin surface, fineness, color give different decorative effects for choosing different pearl nickel plating of s-4, s-5 or s-6. 

usage method

make-up: s-4, s-5 or s-6 satin agent 0.2-0.5ml/l, sk-a additive 10-20ml/l, sk-b additive 3-6ml/l.

consumption: s-4, s-5 or s-6 satin agent replenishment by 1/5 of the make-up volume per 3 hours. sk-a additive 50-150ml/kah, sk-b additive 80-170ml/kah. 

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