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bkl bright barrel nickel plating process

product model


name:bkl bright barrel nickel plating process

product features

1.quick brightening, excellent leveling power, glaring deposits. it is the quickest barrel nickel plating brightener in the market. the metal distribution is more perfect. it can save plating time and nickel anode materials under the same corrosion resistance requirement.

2.excellent covering power, high brightness in lcd. the lcd area can be plated and shows full bright, it is better than conventional brightener.

3.highly concentrate, lower consumption, thus it can save costs more over 20% than conventional processes.

4.excellent physical performances, low stress, good ductility.

5.wide composition range of the electrolyte, adapted for standard sulfate and high concentrated chloride plating solutions.

6.single brightener for make-up and replenishment, easy maintenance. 

usage method

make-up: bkl brightener 0.3-1.5ml/l   ca-n carrier 11-19ml/l  at-10 wetter 0.8-1.5ml/l.

consumption: bkl brightener 150-250ml/kah.

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