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411 bright nickel plating process

product model


name:411 bright nickel plating process

product features

1.quick brightening, excellent leveling power, glaring and clear.

2.low stress, ductile, good adhesion.

3.high concentration, low consumption rate.

4.wide operating range, easy to control.

5.easy for chromium plating, especially good for single or multi-layer nickel plating on different basis metals. 

usage method

make-up: 411a carrier 9-12ml/l, 411b brightener 0.3-1.2ml/l, at-10 or at-20 wetter 1-2ml/l.

consumption: 411a carrier 100-200 ml/kah, 411b brightener 100-150ml/kah, at-10 or at-20 wetter 15-30ml/kah. 

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