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w-100 bright nickel plating process

product model


name:w-100 bright nickel plating process

product features

1.produces low-stress, ductile and specially spotless white deposits.

2.wide operating range, single replenishment, easy to control. the deposits can still keep spotless white, bright, uniform when over added by five-fold additives. while conventional processes cause dull deposits, orange peel and poor covering power when overdose.

3.it is highly tolerant to impurities, widely adapt for plating on zinc die casting and plastics. the w-100 hull cell panel shows full bright in electrolyte containing 25ppm zn2+, while conventional process shows 2cm dull deposits in lcd. 

4.exhibits excellent covering power, especially adapted for complex work pieces.

5.quick brightening, good leveling power.

6.produces good nickel deposits prior to chrome, brass, gold, silver and etc decorative deposits. it is adapted for multi-layer nickel plating too. 

usage method

make-up: w-100 brightener 0.5-2ml/l, ca-n carrier 11-19ml/l, at-10 wetter 1-2ml/l.

consumption: w-100 brightener 250-300ml/kah. 

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