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btc tin-cobalt blackalloy plating process

product model


name:btc tin-cobalt blackalloy plating process

product features

1.produces jet-black good-looking deposits similar to decorative black pearls.

2.contains no nickel salt, which is not sensitive to skin. it is usable nickel-free tin plating which can combined with ekem dw-50 stanalloy white plating and then with a wide application in jewelry, optical and watch industry and etc. it is especially good for exported orders to european and america.

3.stable electrolyte, uniformity on colors and gloss in deposits.

4.exhibits strong wear resistance, scratch-free, high anti-tarnishing ability. it is adapted for decorative plating.

5.exhibits good throwing power. it is adapted for both rack and barrel plating.

6.the electrolyte is adjustable by chemical analysis, avoiding problems existing in conventional alloy plating. 

usage method

make-up: tin salt 6-12g/l, cobalt salt 25-35g/l, potassium pyrophosphate 280-350g/l, btc-1# additive 60-120ml/l, btc-3# additive 15-30ml/l.

consumption: tin salt 200-250g/100ah, cobalt salt 350-400g/100ah, potassium pyrophosphate 1000-1500g/100ah, btc-1# additive 400-700ml/100ah, btc-3# additive 80-110ml/100ah. 

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