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724 acid abrasion resistant gold plating process

product model


name:724 acid abrasion resistant gold plating process

product features

1.it is a gold-cobalt alloy deposits which shows high abrasion-resistance and the hardness is up to 180-220hv.

2.produces the high gold containing deposits (approx 99.5%) with the pure yellow gold appearance.

3.low gold concentration in solution, therefore saves costs.

4.wide current operating range, excellent throwing power, uniform and gloss deposits. it is adapted for both rack and barrel plating.

5.it shows high deposition rate which is faster by increasing gold content. can be get 1um thick deposits by plating for 8min.

6.adapted for functional thick gold and decorative thin gold plating. it is widely used in electronics industry and optical industry.

usage method

make-up: 724a make-up 150-250ml/l, 724c conductor 70-130g/l, gold salt 1.5-2.5g/l.

consumption: to deposit 100g pure gold, by adding [kau(cn)2] of 150g or 724b replenisher of 250ml. to adjust solution gravity by 724c conductor salts.

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