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ag-200 bright silver plating process

product model


name:ag-200 bright silver plating process

product features

1.produces highly bright deposits showing specular reflectivity, which is purer and brighter than 2#silver plating. after plating for 30 min. under the same conditions, ekem ag-200 can obtain specular reflectivity while 2# silver is only semibright deposits.

2.high brightness in lcd. the lcd hull cell panel (0.2a/10min) shows full brightness while 2# silver process shows yellow and hazy. so ekem ag-200 is adapted for complex parts and high quality workpieces. avoiding unluster and hazy which conventional process exhibits in lcd. the advantage is especially outstanding in barrel plating. is not easy to be burnt due to a wider current operating range than conventional 2# silver. so a higher current will be allowed to improve production efficiency and reduce production time, thus saves costs. 

4.highly concentrated, so the consumption rate is low.

5.produces high purity silver deposits. shows good conductivity, excellent solderability, strong anti-tarnishing ability after passivation treatment.

6.a wide range of allowable current and operation. it is good for both rack and barrel plating.

7.good for both thick and thin silver plating.

usage method


ag-200a brightener 15-30ml/l.

ag-200b brightener 10-20ml/l.


ag-200a brightener 300-800ml/kah.

ag-200b brighter 60-200ml/kah.

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