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271 high corrosion resistant black trivalent chromating passivation

product model


name:271 high corrosion resistant black trivalent chromating passivation

product features

1.contains no silver and produces a clear uniform jet-black. the color stability is perfect and avoids fading of silver-containing chromating processes after long-term stock.

2.nanometer sealer is directly added to chromating solution and improves the corrosion resistance even higher than conventional hexavalent chromating. it can last 120-200 hours astm b-117 neutral salt spraying test without white rusts. the corrosion resistance and appearance keep the same after heat treatment. it’s especially good for auto part industry. 

3.easy for operation and maintenance. stable solution and long life time. 

4.can directly passivate pure zinc deposits, adapted for cyanide-free alkaline zinc, cyanide zinc and acid zinc plating.

5.the conversion film exhibits high-hardness and high resistance to scratch.the abrasion resistance is superior to hexavalent chromating processes.

6.contains no cr(ⅵ) and oxidant, environmentally friendly product.it has been accepted by importers from european and america.

usage method

make up: 

271a black trivalent chromating make up: 40-80ml/l. 

271b black trivalent chromating corrective: 20-40ml/l.


271a black trivaletn chromating corrective: 2-3l/10000d㎡.

271b black trivalent chromating replenisher: 2-3l/10000d㎡.

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