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ts-610 super corrosion resistant blue trivalent chromate passivation

product model


name:ts-610 super corrosion resistant blue trivalent chromate passivation

product features

1. exhibits super corrosion resistance, the conversion deposits not sealed can last 96 hours by barrel plating and can last 192 hours by rack plating in astm b-117 neutral salt spraying without white rusts. it is especially good for automotive part industry.

2. produces clear, bright and deep blue film, passivation solution easy operation. 

3. short passivation time , produces coating with a clear blue colour only 5s.

adapted for automatic barrel plating line and semi-automatic rack plating line of operation process.

usage method

make up: ts-610 blue trivalent chromate  35-65ml/l.

consumption: ts-610r blue trivalent chromate  1-2l/10000dm2 (1 ton).

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