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2332 alkaline cyanide-free zinc-nickel plating additives

product model


name:2332 alkaline cyanide-free zinc-nickel plating additives

product features

1、coating nickel content is very even. the nickel content in the deposits keep uniform and stable (within 12-15%) for all cases that the current density ranges from small to large and the plating solution is used from the makeup to long-term. the deposits can be further passivated by colorless or color trivalent chromium or hexavalent chromium or silver-free black passivation. especially, it’s suitable for trivalent chromium colorless passivation. after passivation, the appearance of the deposit is uniform.

2、wide operating current density range. hull cell test shows that the deposits do not chars at a current density of 6a, and they are still bright at a current density of 0.2 a .  it is therefore suitable for large scale hanging plating, and for barrel plating.

3、high brightness. the products are not only with good protective performance, but also with a high decorative purpose. 

4、high corrosion protection. the corrosion resistance of the deposit is 5-8 times higher than that of zinc deposits, which is also higher than that of zinc-iron and zinc-cobalt deposits.

5、high hardness. the hardness and wear resistance of the deposit are higher than zinc plating.

6、wide applications. the process is adapted for barrel plating and hanging plating, but it is more suitable for hanging plating.

7、easy maintaining. plating solution is easily maintained, and has a long service life.

usage method


2332c1 complexing agent 35-50 ml/l,

2332c2 complexing agent 40-75 ml/l,

2332n nickel solution 9-13ml/l,

2332a brightener  2-8ml/l,

2332b brightener 0.8-1.5ml/. 


2332c1 complexing agent, depended on the out of loss, no need for addition in general,

2332c2 complexing agent, depended on the out of loss, no need for addition in general,

2332n nickel solution 900-1100 ml/kah,

2332a brightener 30-60 ml/kah,

2332b brightener 100-150ml/kah.

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