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2331 alkaline cyanide-free zinc-nickel plating additives

product model


name:2331 alkaline cyanide-free zinc-nickel plating additives

product features

1.high deposition rate, effectively increase the production capacity

□the plating piece is the automobile standard part, the coating should be 8μm, which requires one hour for the conventional process, when the 2331 alkaline barrel plating zinc-nickel process is applied, it only requires half an hour.

2.low consumption, cost saving

□low nickel bath consumption, good evenness of coating, greatly reduce the consumption of the nickel bath solution. if the consumption for the conventional process is 800ml/kah, then the 2331 is 600ml/kah.

□complexing agent is stable; the bath can be stored laid aside in long time without the need to adjust.

3.high deposition speed in the low current area, good throwing power

4.the nickel content is even, with little deviation

5.the additive is stable and hard to decompose, after long time use, the deposition rate does not reduce

6.strong covering power

7.applicable to barrel and rack plating, easy passivating, higher corrosion resistant

usage method

make-up: 2331c complex 60-100 ml/l,

2331n nickel solution 15-30 ml/l,

2331e additive 20-40ml/l,

2331a brightener 4-8 ml/l,

2331b carrier 3-8ml/l,

consumption: 2331c complex 150-250 ml/kah,

2331n nickel solution 600-1000 ml/kah,

2331e additive  50-70 ml/kah,

2331a brightener150-250 ml/kah,

2331b carrier  100-140ml/kah.

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