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2311 alkaline cyanide-free zinc-iron plating additives

product model


name:2311 alkaline cyanide-free zinc-iron plating additives

product features

1.wider operating range, at the current density within 0.5-8 a/dm2, the deposits is uniform and bright, moreover the iron content in deposits is stabilized within 0.3-0.7%. 

2.highly bright deposits up to mirror bright.

3.tolerance of high temperature, the deposits is bright when the bath temperature is up to 50℃.

4.it can be clear, yellow and silver free black passivated with trivalent or hexavalent, and get improved corrosion resistance after passivating. both anti-corrosive and appearance are the best in combination with ekem passivation and sealing.

5.the corrosion resistance is higher than the conventional processes and is 3 times higher than pure zinc deposits.

6.still retain good corrosion resistance after heat treatment.

7.exhibits low embrittlement, low inner stress, and good adhesion to basis material, good for machining.

8.good welding performance.

9.exhibits excellent covering and throwing power, adapted for barrel and rack plating, especially for complex work pieces.

10.easy operation, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. 

usage method

make-up: 2311c complex  80-120 (ml/l),2311f iron solution 2.5-10(ml/l),2311a brightener 10-25(ml/l),2311b booster 0.5-1.5 (ml/l)

consumption: 2311c complex 30-50(ml/kah),2311f iron solution 150-250(ml/kah),2311a brightener 100-200(ml/kah),2311b booster 20-40 (ml/kah)

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