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931 bright acid zinc plating process

product model


name:931 bright acid zinc plating process

product features

this is a new acid zinc plating technology, which makes differences including:

1.produces low embrittlement and ductile deposits, the 20um thick deposit produces no flake on bending. it’s especially adapted for further machining after plating and plating on neodymium iron boron materials.

2, low-foamed brightener.

3,strong impurity resistance, high corrosion resistance .

4.produces high brightness in lcd and high deposition rate.

5.wide current range, thus it can allow a large current density. no zinc flakes on barrel plating and no peeling occurs on rack plating, especially good for auto parts plating.

6.strong covering power and leveling power, quick brightening.

usage method

make-up: 931 carrier 20-40ml/l, 931b brightener 0.3-1.2 ml/l.

consumption: 931a carrier 20-100ml/kah, 931b brightener 100-150ml/kah.

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