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921 bright acid zinc plating process

product model


name:921 bright acid zinc plating process

product features

conventional benzalacetone brightener for acid zinc plating is easy to cause decomposition and the consumption rate is high, the covering power and throwing power are poor too. conventional benzalacetone brightener is not tolerant to high temperature. the allround performances decrease obviously when the temperature is over 38℃, thus causes high costs. the newest 921 zinc brightener doesn’t contain benzalacetone and it is tolerant to high temperature. it completely improves quality and causes much lower costs.

①excellent covering power

with excellent covering power, better than cyanide zinc plating, especially fit for work pieces with deep holes and recesses.

② high brightness in lcd

high brightness in the low current area, with rapid speed of zinc plating. hull cell specimen panel can reach mirror bright in the low current (0.3a/10mm) of 921.

③ quick brightening

quick brightening, good flatness leveling, the production capacity is increased, and the coating is clearer and brighter, the plating pieces are more exquisite. 

④ tolerant to high temperature

the bath is tolerant to high temperature, the operation range is wide (16-65℃), the cloud point of the bath test is over 100℃.

⑤ high salt concentration acceptance

high salt concentration acceptance, the brightener will not separate out causing turbid at the concentration of 280g/l of potassium chloride, improving the throwing power and the brightness at the low current area and saving the consumption of the brightener.

⑥stable bath

the bath is stable with little decomposition products, can keep clear and transparent for a long time, without yellow byproducts, and is easy to maintain.

⑦low consumption

the concentration of the brightener is high with low consumption rate, which is only 1/4-1/3 of the conventional process, the cost saving is about 30-40%.

⑧ good for both potassium and ammonium salt bath

conventional acid zinc only applies to the potassium salt system, or only the ammonium salt system, both systems cannot be applied at the same time.

usage method

make-up: 921a carrier 20-40ml/l, 921b brightener 0.3-1.2ml/l.

consumption: 921a carrier 20-100ml/kah, 921b brightener 100-150ml/kah.

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