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the definition of electroplating


1. definition and classification of electroplating

1-1. preface

with the continuous subdivision of industrial production, new technology and new materials are constantly emerging, get the design effect of application in actual products also change rapidly, electroplating is a process that we often in the design involved, and the effect of plating is that we use a long time, is a relatively mature technology effect, to have been very much the application of this technology in our products, we hope to make some reference for the design of documents by summing up our experience, can better the plating effect applied in our design, but also more reasonable to be used in our design, can bring some convenience for future work. through this process, we usually get some metallic color effects, such as high gloss, matte, etc., which match different effects to form the difference of product effect. through such treatment, we will add a bright spot to the design of products.

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