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our company owns the internationally advanced zinc plating process, fully meets the strict requirements of corrosion resistant and environmental protection in the industries of automobile, of the ekemnano sealing process.military and communication. our products are used by famous brands such as volvo, toyota, hyundai, huawei, longxi bearing, siemens and aoc.

alkaline cyanide-free zinc plating process: synthesize the key additive intermediate product on our own, breakthrough the high brightness and low embrittlement contradiction of the conventional alkaline cyanide-free zinc plating process, the overall performance of the product, such as high temperature tolerance,current range,impurities tolerance and stability, reaches the internationally advanced level,overcoming the difficulty of the industrialization and large scale production of cyanide-free zinc plating process. this process improves deposition rate and increases the production capacity, makes a 50% saving compared with conventional process, lowering the cost.our alkaline cyanide-free zinc plating process undertakes national, provincial and municipal technical medium and small enterprises innovation fund programs, national torch program, and is awarded the specially invited technical report award of the interfinish2008 international conference, technical advance award of fujian province (second class) and so on.

alkaline cyanide-free zinc-nickel plating process: it overcomes the difficulty of the evenness of the nickel content in the coating, the stability of the bath, and small operation range. the corrosion resistance after colorless chromating process increases two times (no red rust after 3,000 hours neutral salt spray test, which the ford automobile only requires 1,000 hours). the deposition rate is two times of the conventional process, which greatly increase the production capacity.

zinc-iron process: the ferric iron was used, overcoming the instability of the ferrous iron, improving the corrosion resistant. 2311alkaline cyanide-free zinc-iron plating process black passivation appearance and corrosion resistance has reached internationally advanced level, and is used by famous automobiles such as volvo.

acid zinc high temperature tolerance process: the first to use the high temperature tolerance carrier technology to the aldehyde acid zinc system, leading the chinese zinc plating process to the internationally advanced level.

trivalent chromatingnano sealing process: the first to use the nano sealing technology directly into the passivation solution, overcoming the weak point of without self-healing for the conventional trivalent chromating process. the corrosion resistance is five times of the hexavalent chromium, overcoming the difficulty of poor corrosion resistant of the trivalent chromating in the industry. this process is the provincial and municipal innovation fund programs undertaken by our company.

trivalent chromating catalytic process: to introduce the self-synthesized catalyst in the trivalent chromating process, it can passivate in high ph value (2.5-4.0), highly increase the corrosion resistance, the consumption reduces more than 60%. this is an upgraded version

silver plating low current density process: our company is the navigator in the functional bright thick silver electroplating by our leading low current density technology, the process is widely used in the functional plating of the industry such as abb switch, and huawei microwave transmitter.

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