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wenzhou electroplating industry association held electroplating enterprises to improve science popularization activities


in the afternoon of june 28th, the wenzhou electroplating industry association held a popular science lecture in the conference room of the four floor of the sewage treatment plant of the post - beijing electroplating base in lucheng district. some 50 owners from ouhai district, longwan district, yongjia county, yueqing city, ruian city, pingyang county, yueqing, ruian, pingyang county, were attended by more than 50 owners. zhou renju, president of the city electroplating industry association, presided over the meeting. he invited the executive vice president of the electroplating industry association and the engineer of xia la, chairman of the city of meira hardware co., ltd.

wenzhou electroplating industry started earlier, has been 100 years of history, in recent years, the unified leadership of the municipal party committee, municipal government and relevant departments, actively cooperate with the electroplating industry association, tough tackling, the provincial government approved the 2000 acres of land, the city has built 12 electroplating park, a total investment of over about 8000000000 yuan, mechanical rate of more than 80%, more than 1000 electroplating enterprises after reformation, all the 372 admission, through the province of 56 standards of acceptance, efforts to eliminate the effectiveness of remediation, ranking first in the province, completely changed the city electroplating industry "low, small, scattered, chaotic" situation, to solve the environmental governance and the electroplating industry in wenzhou sustainable development has taken a difficult step.

however, in recent years, the days of wenzhou electroplating enterprises have been very difficult, the reasons are as follows:

1, because the global economy has been in a period of weak domestic demand, exports and continuous negative growth, resulting in a continuous decline in manufacturing capacity, as electroplating manufacturing industry chain, naturally vicious spiral, not the busy season, await urgently necessary condition have occurred.

2, after the renovation of the electroplating enterprises in the city, the automatic and semi-automatic production lines reached more than 80%, and the processing capacity increased by 1/3 compared to that before entering the park.

3, the park renovation investment, such as guangdong and other places overseas investment by the government or foreign investment in our city more, mostly by business investment, investment is large, the average about 21500000 yuan per household, electroplating heavy pollution industry, financing difficulties, the majority of enterprises rely on social financing, interest rate is high, the burden is heavy; processing labor costs (including water sewage treatment fee of 20 yuan / ton), materials, energy and other costs, production costs increase.

4. due to oversupply, excess capacity, fierce competition, mutual pressure, and electroplating processing prices are getting lower and lower. vicious spiral, due to the manufacturing downturn, electroplating processing fee arrears phenomenon is becoming increasingly serious, bad debts, escape accounts, dead accounts have occurred.

5, enterprises in the park, the overall long-term management system can not keep up, the person responsible for the safety production system is not perfect, safety consciousness, caused by frequent fires in the park, according to incomplete statistics, the city's fire loss electroplating park reached about thirty million, the death of 1 people, several companies after the disaster has been unable to resume production is unable to get up after a fall. there are more than 10.

according to the preliminary statistics, last year, 60% of the electroplating enterprises in the city were lost, and there were 20% profits on the books, and the real profit was less than 20%.

due to the difficult situation of wenzhou electroplating industry, leading to the difficulty of transition, the electroplating industry in wenzhou and the environmental protection department of environmental protection one disaster after another, more and more pressure on the electroplating industry, the increasingly high demand, environmental supervision, regular inspection is more strict, the punishment is more and more high, the park over and over again rectification no goal, endless promotion, many electroplating enterprises boss loss of confidence, and even some people simply will to sublet frequently.

the plating surface treatment of electroplating industry in wenzhou city on contract billion yuan output value of manufacturing products for our advanced manufacturing industry contributed to the development, is the fundamental importance of the twelve pillar industry indispensable industry focus on the development of our city, our city is the modern manufacturing needs to support, is to strengthen the promotion of our city support in the province's "iron triangle" status.

it is difficult to continue the old mode of production and development. under the new economic norm, strengthen the protection of the ecological environment, and strive to build an ecological civilization enterprise, how to use new ideas, new pattern to develop, to realize the sustainable development of the industry, which urgently requires us to further strengthen internal management, implementation of brand strategy; to upgrade and marketing, improve the market competitiveness, expand profit space.

with the rapid development of china's industry, especially the rapid information, transportation, aerospace, defense industry, electroplating technology has made remarkable achievements, nano plating, pulse plating, thermal spraying, laser, chemical plating, vacuum plating and other research and development, market position, electroplating in modern manufacturing industry is more and more more important, it not only has an effect on the decoration and protection products, or other surface functions and performance of generation, modification and optimization, to improve the quality of products, to obtain or improve the function, performance optimization, beautification of perception, extending life, increase product added value, has a unique application value, is an important factor of product function protection the technology industry is indispensable in the national economy. now facing the traditional overcapacity and the shortage of emerging technology, therefore, only by adhering to innovation driven, accelerating transformation and upgrading, and realizing the development from low end to middle and high end, transformation must be innovated. traditional support for high and new technology will promote the sustainable development of wenzhou electroplating industry. the total investment in pingyang county, zhejiang 

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