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guangdong electroplating association to fujian exchange study


  in the afternoon of october 17th, under the leadership of president lei jianrong and executive vice president of li peiji, guangdong electroplating association and its 19 industry elites came to the xiamen and fujian electroplating industry as a three day industry exchange event.
fujian provincial association of surface engineering industry chairman chen zhenkun, vice chairman guan dongyun and other members of the association rate of 39 people in the hall of xiamen fuxiang hotels as the representative of guangdong electroplating association delegation welcome.
18 days 19 days two days, accompanied by fujian surface engineering industry association, on behalf of the guangdong electroplating association group into my city in xiamen province, quanzhou city and other related enterprises, electroplating electroplating set controlled areas to inspect and guide the work and visit, and carried out npc and cppcc experience sharing forums and other industries exchange activities.
at 16 p.m. on the 19 day, the exchanges between the two conferences of the two conferences had been successfully completed

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