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ekem undertake a municipal important science and technology project titled alkaline cyanide free zinc-nickel alloy additives


in november, 2011, the science and technology bureau of zhangzhou city announced the list of innovation projects in the small-sized and medium-sized enterprises in 2011, ekem was included. 

the comprehensive technical performance of the project titled “alkaline cyanide free zinc-nickel alloy additives” undertaken by ekem has reached the advanced international levels. the nickel content of cladding material can fix within 12-16% and the cladding material has no red rust after passing color passivation with un-closed neutral in salt spray test for more than 3000 hours. the cladding material also has a wide current operation range:the current within 2a to 6a(the current density range is about 0.02~30a/dm2 ), the cladding material is bright and not charring at high current region,as well as at low current region.

as a high-tech and provincial innovative pilot enterprise, ekem has undertaken a number of municipal, provincial, national scientific and technological innovation projects. it owns a series of patents and intellectual properties and is the practice bases of the college of chemistry and chemical engineering of xiamen university. relying on a number of special platforms of science and technology, ekem will increase its investment in research development and accelerate the speed of innovation, in order to live up to the trust and expectation of government and leaders at all levels, making more contributions to the development of society and economy.

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