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ekem’s new products appear at sfchina2011 winning widespread attention


from november 23 to november 25, 2011, the 24th china international surface treatment exhibition was held in new international expo center in shanghai. as one of the annual industry events, it attracted many businessmen and manufacturers from different parts of the world.

in this exhibition, except from displaying its superior products, ekem also provided a series of high quality surfactants and new intermediates,such as nickel plating intermediates (pme pap), copper complexing agent (q75), high temperature carrier for zinc plating(htc), intermediate for alkaline cyanide-free zinc plating (wt), etc. the excellent quality of the new products received high praise and attention among the industry.

as a high-tech enterprise dedicated to technical innovation, ekem insists on producing new excellent technology and products annually. in this exhibition, ekem not only won high recognition from domestic and foreign customers, but also developed some potential clients.

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