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chongqing changan auto limited by share ltd visited ekem


in october 26, 2017, director of the chongqing limited by share ltd changan automotive technology department senior engineer huang ping (institute of automotive engineering china automobile corrosion aging branch secretary, deputy secretary general of chongqing electroplating association) and colleagues yu engineer li linhong is visited, the company chairman ye jindui, deputy director general wang and lin gave a warm reception. at the meeting, first of all, the director of the company forest introduced hong zheng's enterprise profile, r & d strength, cost lead and quality assurance. during the period, ye jindui, chairman of the company, and chongqing changan automotive limited by share ltd and his entourage went on to discuss the current status of electroplating additives, the future direction of development, and how to further cooperate in the future. subsequently, the team visited the hong zheng chemical research and development department, the quality inspection department, the production workshop, and made a thorough understanding and consultation to the products of our company.


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