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credit china | ye jindui: based on faith innovation


"credit chinese" column as a studio with photographing large credit enterprise interview programs, for entrepreneurial masters, the industry model of credit development process of the real show in front of the audience, the program will be integrated into the enterprise credit management, through trustworthy business stories, the story of the development of credit and credit business story, so that their experience can be let more people understand, their spirit of praise and trustworthy, to establish a positive sense of credit for the community, positive energy transfer.105-1.jpg

ye jindui, a single guest edition of "credit china"

credit is the foundation of enterprise development, and innovation is the motive force of enterprise development.

twenty-five years of enterprise development, let people see his persevering.

twenty-five years of science and technology innovation, let people understand his determination.

to build a famous international brand is his lifelong dream.

focus on the field of electroplating research for decades, scientific and technological innovation, fruitful.

ekem(fujian) chemicals co. ,ltd

add: xingtai economic development     zone, zhangzhou, fujian, china

pc: 363900

ekem chemical industry co. ,ltd. of xiamen

add:20 /f, post &telecom guangtong bldg,no.11,    hubin east road, xiamen, fujian, china




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